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From: “Love Different” the official movie soundtrack

the ID vs. SUPEREGO LP presented by Tha Hitz Entertainment, LLC.
LYRICS BELOW (and on screen):

[VERSE 1 – Said J]
Man my swag off the chain like a runaway slave,
I’m ahead of my time like a slave on a plane
Watching “Snakes on a Plane” and then tweeting about it,
So fixed on his grace I ain’t eatin’ without it.
Braggin’ ’bout swaggin’ ain’t humble quit playin’,
Swagg is just confidence that’s all I’m sayin’,
‘Cause God said I made it I’m Goku when makin’
My point I’m gone say it I’m gone Super Sayit
Go ape on the track feel like King Kong!
Slap it back and forth like Ping Pong
Each time I sing songs, heard that ding dong
At the door to my heart and got cleaned off
And then cleaned out like He robbed me,
And His name is King just like Rodney,
So confidently when you talkin’ to me
If you ask how I feel I’mma tell you straight up that I’m

[CHORUS – 4x]
In my own zone (zone)! (2x)
Swagg out this world, you ain’t in my Ozone!

[VERSE 2 – BD]
My swag is something otherworldly, ’cause it don’t come from nothing earthly,
I got E.T. phoning home with Jesus on the throne boy ain’t no competition even against my clone
And self, is my worst, enemy~yeah. That’s why I need Yeshua to live in me.
Haters mean-muggin’, they ain’t seen nothin’,
Hot off the lot, leave that new machine runnin’.
I’m that new machine and the driver’s seat my heart,
I got Jesus at the wheel and He kickin’ temptations out the car.
Repair so expensive only He could pay the cost,
Had to struggle first, whatcha call that? “Push-to-Start.”
Think my way of life backwards that’s called “Trunk-by-the-Engine,”
So when I back back my swagg frontin’ on you ninjas ’cause I’m


[VERSE 3 – Said J]
I call this mindset Zonehead, I call every other mindset bonehead,
I’m livin’ my life with Jesus in my mind steady eggin’ me on like “Gone ‘head”
So that’s why I’m ballin’ like playoffs, this is just one of the payoffs,
That’s why I look like a native who’s leaving Atlanta that’s swaggin’ my A off homey
I’m in my own zone (2x)
Swagg out this world you ain’t in my Ozone boy!
NFL, Heaven and Hell, the battle’s in ya dome boy,
Jesus live inside me that’s what I call a “Homeboy!”
In my own zone boy (2x)
Swagg out this world you ain’t in my Ozone boy!
Rhymes atcha head like a fine tooth comb boy!
Giants turn up dead I keep five smooth stones boy!