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Executive Producer: God
Video by: Sonset Friday Entertainment…

A Caucasian woman from a small town gets a job at an African American consulting firm. In order to effectively work with the clientele she must first learn to understand the African American culture. She gets teamed up with an African American coworker who’s job is to teach her about the Black experience. On their hilarious journey together they both come to understand more than they signed up for!

A movie that comedically addresses topics of Faith, Hope, and Love.


Jenn Gotzon
Anthony Hackett
Tommy Ford
Kevin Fredericks aka KevOnStage

Production Company:

SONset Friday Entertainment

Writer/ Director: Anthony Hackett
Director Of Photography: Nathan DeWild
Composer: Julian Andre Thomas
Soundtrack Producer: Brandon Dent


Adanna Hackett
David Doggette
Jonathan E. McCottry
Darnell White
David White
Nicole Abisinio