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From the ID vs. SUPEREGO LP presented by Tha Hitz Entertainment, LLC.
LYRICS BELOW (and on screen):

[INTRO – Said J]
Let self go~ (2x)
You were forgiven long ago~ (4x)

[VERSE 1 – Said J]
I give you a riddle it’ll mess you up a little how it does my peoples homey.
They know!
What come first the sin or the law? What I mean is I’m saved
‘Cause He say so.
Treatin’ legalists like community chest: give ’em dice, tell ’em
“Time for you to bankroll!” (Go)
Part-time rappers we don’t need to feature you ’cause all I’mma do is snap on you
but thanks though!
Music like food and I feel like a chef I done made some and
It ain’t none to make more!
Jesus was ahead of His time no surprise that His future’s something
People gotta wait on.
Bottled up talent so we’re rushing to the top like fizz when you’re
Shaking up a Faygo.
“What would Jesus do?” That’s the question that made me be the truth, willing to be the one everybody hate on!

You were forgiven long ago~ (2x)
[Said J]
Y’all been working overtime, you steady on your grind, it’s stressing on my mind I gotta say.
TWO funny like Key & Peele and I’m just bein’ real, it can make a brother feel some type of way.
Some folk learn to sit and wait while others live in hate, well I ain’t givin’ hate the time of day.
Live in peace or die in pieces, I’m gone die in Jesus, every eye gone see us fly away!
Let self go~ (2x)
You were forgiven long ago~ (2x)

[VERSE 2 – BD]
You think of sin as a bad deed, s’too hard to just sit and believe,
And it seems like you need to make up for the things
That you do everyday.
Grace is the gift He’s been yearning to give so I’m
Learning to live in His mercy!
Praying for forgiveness ain’t necessary, you heard me
‘Cause you think you’re earning your grace like you’re worthy
I got washed up like ole heads, slow and steady like mopeds,
Learned how to sit still and not do nothin’ like my phone dead.
Folk wanna fix they own mess, God kickin’ back like “Gone ‘head.
Boy, you ain’t goin’ nowhere like Nate Robinson postin’ up
Brook Lopez.” And the bass act like Brook Lopez:
Bangin’ down low.
Like I run a private practice I need patience now, Lord.
I be sinnin’ everyday, but I’m sinnin’ less and less,
Is it grace or prayer or faith? Answer: yes, yes, yes.