RBF is a duo comprised of BD and Said J. Their sound draws heavily from Hip Hop and R&B while still incorporating elements from the Blues, Gospel, Jazz, and Pop.

Brandon “BD” Dent, Jr., raised in Motown, produces a significant amount of the music with much of the same signature sounds on which he established Tha Hitz Media Group, a production company he runs with Robert “DJ 2-4” White who also contributes a considerable amount of work to round out RBF’s sound.

Cedric “Said J” Dent, Jr., raised in Music City (Nashville), is a prolific songwriter who writes a great deal of the lyrics for RBF’s songs, and he is also son to Take 6 baritone, Dr. Cedric Dent, now professor of music theory, the history of Black gospel music, and Jazz vocal ensemble at Middle Tennessee State University.

RBF’s affiliates include groups SoGrande and Only 1 Way, as well as singer, songwriter, and composers, Alicia Nicole and Scenic Route 7.

Tha Hitz and RBF’s overall team now pushes toward the dissemination of a new, more realistic, less interpretive perspective of God and His relationship with man.