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S’cool. S’fine. S’all good.

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Movement |

So like, at the core of this movement is an appreciation for contemporary Hip Hop and R&B sound, but it’s accompanied by a recognition of how hollow popular music is. Talented artists sing with impressive vocal ability and spit dope rhymes, but it’s simply not enough if they have nothing to say; moreover, even if they have something to say, that...

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Voice of the Movement

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Movement |

Hello World, This is the voice of the movement. This is the culmination of spiritual revelations in the lives of both BD and Said J who comprise the new duo, RBF, presented by Tha Hitz Entertainment. See, what’s stupendous about this movement is that every facet of it is responsive—reactionary. In their lives, it’s a reaction to the adversity they’ve...

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